The building of Sanskrit Academy was constructed on a land provided by the Osmania University measuring 1.18 acres for 99 years lease as per the orders of the then Government of Andhra Pradesh.The Academy has its own building on this land constructed in the year 1972 with the financial support by Government of Andhra Pradesh.There are 2 floors , ground floor and 1st floor in the building of the Sanskrit Academy, each floor having the carpet area of 3000sft.


Sanskrit Academy has a good reference library having rare and valuable editions.The library contains more than 9000 books covering wide range of learning such as Veda, Brahmanas, Aranyakas- Upanisads, Puranas,Dharma-sastra, Ayurveda,Ithihasa,Tantra-sastra and Linguistics apart from poetry, prose, drama and folk etc.

Vedic studies, all varieties of Sanskrit Shastras, Classical Sanskrit literature and modern Sanskrit Literatureattracts Sanskrit Research Scholars and Sanskrit Lovers.


Sanskrit manuscripts are the base to achieve the aims of Sanskrit Academy especially to edit and publish rare Sanskrit manuscripts and also to undertake the publication of research work pertaining to Sanskrit. The Sanskrit Academy has 130+ publications and more than 9000 books,32 manuscripts palm leaves and one manuscript catalogue nearly 4000 manuscripts in the catalogue to its credit.


Sanskrit Academy has a seminar hall with the capacity of 200 persons, in which lecture programmes, classes for vocational courses and Certificate Courses, workshops etc. are held. Sanskrit scholars, Distinguished personalities belonged to various fields, Research Scholars, Seekers of Sanskrit knowledgeand Sanskrit lovers flock to this institution, either to deliver lectures or to take part in these programmes, which are held in the seminar hall.


Sanskrit Academy has been established new Computer Lab with 6 computers and well- equipped facilities, was inaugurated by Prof.T.Tirupati Rao, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Osmania University, Hyderabad on 01- 09-2008. The following are the suitable facilities for undertaking the project are:-A well- equipped Computer Lab is established in the Academy, which can be used for the project work.


Sanskrit Academy act as sales counter for selling its publications as well as Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi publications including Sanskrit learning through Audio /Video materials.


The Academy is also a learning centre for anyone who wishes to learn Sanskrit as a language. It conducted courses on functional Sanskrit, Sanskrit literature, Sanskrit grammar, and on the Shastras such as Jyotisha, Vastu, Yoga, the philosophy of the Bhagavad-Gita, Prathama Deeksa, Dwitiya Deeksha of Non Formal Sanskrit Education etc.

As an institution dedicated to the upliftment of the Sanskrit language, the Academy has, over the years, endeavored to make people aware of the richness and beauty of Sanskrit and the countless works produced in this remarkable language. The Academy is also striving to create greater awareness of the urgent need for an appreciation, understanding and application – in every walk of life – of the wealth of knowledge existing in Sanskrit.

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