The New Library Hall to house more rare Sanskrit books was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Osmania Univ, Prof D Ravinder, the Initiation and Supervision of which was done by Prof Dr. K Neelakantham, Director, Sanskrit Academy to preserve and share the vast wisdom available in Sanskrit scriptures.

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लक्ष्मीनृसिंह करावलम्बम् - Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam
-- Sri Adi Shankaracharya
Rendition by Director, Prof Dr K Neelakantham.

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पञ्चकाव्याः साहित्यरूपेण गहनं ज्ञानं ददति।
Panchakavyas give deep knowledge in literature form.
महाकवयः राजनीतिः, इतिहासः, वेदान्तः, व्याकरणं, कला इत्यादिषु सर्वशास्त्रेषु निपुणाः आसन्।
Mahakavi's were proficient in all Shastras such as Politics, History, Vedanta, Grammar and Art forms.
कवयः केवलं स्वकार्यं वक्तुं ददति। तत् तेषां महानता निरूपयति।
Mahakavis let only their work talk, that indicates their greatness.

कर्मयोग: Karma Yoga
Yoga of Action

अर्जुन उवाच
व्यामिश्रेणेव वाक्येन बुद्धिं मोहयसीव मे |
तदेकं वद निश्चित्य येन श्रेयोऽहमाप्नुयाम् || 2||
Meaning - You seem to be bewildering my intelligence with your confused words. Tell me that one way by which I for certain may attain the Highest good.
नियतं कुरु कर्म त्वं कर्म ज्यायो ह्यकर्मण: |
शरीरयात्रापि च ते न प्रसिद्ध्येदकर्मण: || 8||
You should thus perform your prescribed duties, since action is superior to inaction. Desisting from action, you cannot even maintain your body.
प्रकृते: क्रियमाणानि गुणै: कर्माणि सर्वश: |
अहङ्कारविमूढात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते || 27||
All actions are performed by three modes of Nature, whose mind is deluded by Egoism thinks "I am the doer".

महाकाव्यम् - Mahakavyam

नैषधीयचरितम् - Naishadhiyacharitam

अन्योन्यभाषानवबोधकभीते: संस्कृत्रिमार्भिव्यवहारवत्सु |
दिग्भ्यः समेतेषु नृपेषु तेषु सौवर्गवर्गो न जनैरचिहिन ॥
- नैषधीयचरितम्‌ १०.३४

Meaning - "There were kings who had assembled from different parts of the country. They were scared that they would not understand each other’s mother tongues. Therefore, they conversed with each other in Sanskrit."

Naishadhiyacharitam (नैषधीयचरितम्) by Śrīharṣa (श्रीहर्ष) deals with the story of Nala and Damayanti. Nala was king of the Nishadhas while Damayanti was the daughter of Bhima, king of Vidarbha. The work is considered as one of the Five Mahakavyas (great epic poems) in Sanskrit literature. Composed by Śrīharṣa in the court of Gahaḍavāla King Jayachandra. This Mahakavya, contains 22 cantos, divided into two parts – Purva and Uttara, each of them containing eleven cantos or divisions.

तावद भा भारवेर्भाति यावन्माघस्य नोदय:।
उदिते नैषधे काव्ये क्व माघ: क्व च भारविः:।।
In poets of Sanskrit literature, the name of Śrīharṣa is remarkable.

Naishadhiyacharitam of Śrīharṣa is considered tests for scholars.

Sanskrit - Sound Vibrations

Sanskrit, is the natural expression of nature, the oldest language in the world. The language was not developed for communication but was deciphered from nature's existence. Sanskrit letters are called Aksharas meaning imperishable. Everything in this cosmic universe is a result manifestation of Sound vibrations. Sanskrit Mantras are powerful sound vibrations. To speak such a language is essentially aligning us with the supreme manifestation. Sanskrit words have an inherent potency in them, which is not available if it is translated into other languages.

All the wisdom of the Rishi's on the deeper aspects of life, metaphysical, mind, body and existence is in Sanskrit Granthas - Treasure-trove of Knowledge. Sanskrit literature is filled with impactable stories and profound meanings.

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Dr K Varalakshmi, PhD Sanskrit, Deputy Director, Sanskrit Grammer Expert, Author and Editor of several Books, receives Faculty Excellance Award from Central Sanskrit University, 15th Oct 2022

Prof K Neelakantham, Director Sanskrit Academy. Proficient in many Granthas and Shastras, Grammer Expert, Author and Editor of Innumerous Books in Sanskrit. Mimamsa is one of the Six Darshans of Indian Philosophy. The aim of Mimamsa is to give rules for the interpretation of the Vedas and enlightenment on Dharma.

Dr V Subrahmanyam, Deputy Director, Sanskrit Academy, Doctorate in Panini Grammer, Author and Editor of several books and an expert manuscript analyser giving overview on Sanskrit Grammer rules.

Dr K.V. Surya Prakash, Senior Research Assitant and Books Sales in-charge, Proficient in Epics and Upanishads, Editor of 24 Sanskrit books, 10 Journal papers, Expert in Manuscriptology, Statistics Analyst, Desktop Applications Expert, Qualified in Sahitya Siromani, MA, Mphil, Final year Sanskrit Phd Submission, Sanskrit Grammer Expert, Dr of Panchagavya, Senior Most Staff of Sanskrit Academy, giving overview of different books and their importance.
Ct - 98664 98906

Dr Joshi Santosh Kumar, PhD Sanskrit, Senior Research Assitant, Sanskrit Grammer expert, Proficient in Epics and Upanishads, Dr of Panchagavya, Author and Editor of several books, conducting Bhagawat Gita lessons.

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