The New Library Hall to house more rare Sanskrit books was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Osmania Univ, Prof D Ravinder, the Initiation and Supervision of which was done by Prof Dr. K Neelakantham, Director, Sanskrit Academy to preserve and share the vast wisdom available in Sanskrit scriptures.

National Seminar

Sanskrit Academy is Organizing a 2-Day National Seminar on Champu Kavyas on 24th & 25th March 2023. The Chief Coordinators of the seminar are Dr. K. Varalakshmi and Dr. Santosh Joshi. Click the below link to access the complete brochure and to register for the Seminar.
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Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan

Her Excellency, Honrable Governor, State of Telangana President, Executive Board,
Sanskrit Academy

Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi

Vice Chancellor,
Central Sanskrit University

Prof. D. Ravinder

Osmania University.

Prof. K Neelakantham

Sanskrit Academy



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Word of the day

The word - Yugadi or Ugadi - is derived from the Sanskrit words yuga (age) and adi (beginning), which literally means 'The beginning of a new age'.
navavarshamNew Year

Sentence of the day

उगादिपर्वस्यशुभकामनाः ।Best wishes on the festival of Ugadi

Song of the day

क्षणं प्रतिक्षणं यन्नवं नवम् ।
तच्च सुन्दरं सच्च तत्छिवम् ।। १ ।।
वर्षनूतनं ते शुभं मुदम् ।
उत्तरोत्तरं भवतु सिद्धिदम् ।। २ ।।
kṣhaṇaṁ pratikṣhaṇaṁ yannavaṁ navam
tacca sundaraṁ sacca taccivam . 1 .
varśanūtanaṁ te śubhaṁ mudam
uttarotaraṁ bhavatu siddhidam . 2 .
Meaning - Beauty is that which at every moment is new and fresh,
That Alone is Good, Real and Beautiful!
May this New Year bring you greater
Goodness, Joy and Success


Prose and poetry have their own distinct characteristics. When there is a confluence of both these poetic styles in a specific form, then the diversity of both of them together starts to be formed as a third diversity.

हरिदास भट्टाचार्य: - 'चमत्कृत्य पुनाति सहृदयान् विस्मयीकृत्य प्रसादयति इति चम्पूः।'
Meaning - 'Champoo is a miracle that purifies, amazes and appeases the hearts.'

In Krishnayjurveda's Taittiriya, Katha and Maitrayani samhitas, In Atharvaveda, Aitareya brahminas, Harishchandropakhyan, Katha, Ken, Mundaka Upanishads also are seen to be the ancient form of prosaic poetry. After Vedic literature, a mixture of prose and poetry is also found in Mahabharata, Vishnupurana and Bhagavata Purana. After this we find the use of the Champu style in the Buddhist Jataka tales.

Its classical discussion appears for the first time in the poetry written by Dandi.
‘गद्यपद्यमयी काचिच्चम्पूरित्यभिधीयते । ( काव्यादर्शम् 1 / 31)
This makes it clear that before Dandi, Champu literature had come into existence as an independent genre. Later Hemachandra disciplined the more capable character of Champu.
'गद्यपद्यमयी साङ्का सोच्छवासा चम्पूः । ' ( काव्यानुशासनम् 8 / 9)
Meaning - The prose-verse confluence is the breathtaking Champu

'गद्यानुबन्धरसमिश्रितपद्यसूक्तिहृदया हि वाधकलया कलितेव गीतिः ।
तस्माद्दधातु कविमार्गजुषां सुखाय चम्पूप्रबन्धरचनां रसना मदीया ।।'
(चम्पूरामायणम् - 310)
Meaning - 'The heart of the verse and the lyrics, mixed with the taste of prose and connection, is like a song in the art of interruption. Therefore let my tongue keep the composition of the champoo essay for the happiness of those who are eager for the path of the poet. (Champoo Ramayana - verse 310)

Samprati Trivikrambhatta's (915 AD) Nalachampu is the oldest available Champu poetry in front of us. Due to the unmatched skill of his poetry, he becomes established as a standard of the presented genre. Panchatantra, Hitopadesh, Champu-Bharata, Champu Ramayana,Sri Ramanuja Charitra Champu Kavyam are amongst many are written in Champu style.

Sanskrit - Sound Vibrations

Sanskrit, the oldest language is a language of vibrations. It is considered that everything in this cosmic universe is a result manifestation of vibrations of Atoms and molecules. So to speak a language of vibrations is essentially aligning us with the supreme manifestation.

Sanskrit letters are called akshara, imperishable. They are neither created nor destroyed. Sanskrit mantras are powerful vibrational fields of sounds. Regular chanting leads to feel pure energy and calmness of mind. Sanskrit words have an inherent potency in them, which is not available if translated to other languages.

Happenings @ Sanskrit Academy

Collection of pictures which will witness the glory of the Academy

Dr K Varalakshmi, PhD Sanskrit, Deputy Director, Sanskrit Grammer Expert, Author and Editor of several Books, receives Faculty Excellance Award from Central Sanskrit University, 15th Oct 2022

Prof K Neelakantham, Director Sanskrit Academy. Proficient in many Granthas and Shastras, Grammer Expert, Author and Editor of Innumerous Books in Sanskrit. Mimamsa is one of the Six Darshans of Indian Philosophy. The aim of Mimamsa is to give rules for the interpretation of the Vedas and enlightenment on Dharma.

Dr V Subrahmanyam, Deputy Director, Sanskrit Academy, Doctorate in Panini Grammer, Author and Editor of several books and an expert manuscript analyser giving overview on Sanskrit Grammer rules.

Dr K.V. Surya Prakash, Senior Research Assitant and Books Sales in-charge, Proficient in Epics and Upanishads, Editor of 24 Sanskrit books, 10 Journal papers, Expert in Manuscriptology, Statistics Analyst, Desktop Applications Expert, Qualified in Sahitya Siromani, MA, Mphil, Final year Sanskrit Phd Submission, Sanskrit Grammer Expert, Dr of Panchagavya, Senior Most Staff of Sanskrit Academy, giving overview of different books and their importance.
Ct - 98664 98906

Dr Joshi Santosh Kumar, PhD Sanskrit, Senior Research Assitant, Sanskrit Grammer expert, Proficient in Epics and Upanishads, Dr of Panchagavya, Author and Editor of several books, conducting Bhagawat Gita lessons.

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